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Supporting infill in established neighbourhoods is part of our mandate in designing and developing straw bale and energy-efficient frame single and multi-family housing. This includes duplexes, semi-detached, row houses and garage suites where zoning allows. The most obvious benefit of this type of infill is the reduction of urban sprawl and the opportunity for individuals and families to live close to the core of the city.

This type of development can fill gaps in the existing built environment and often plays a significant role in the long term sustainability of many communities. For neighbourhoods close to downtown it can provide housing stock that is more suitable for families. Benefits include the efficient use of land, use of existing civic infrastructure and services, and improve quality of life and real estate values in older communities if properly design and built. We hope to encourage appropriate infill that successfully integrate into the existing fabric, architecture and functioning of existing neighbourhoods.

Single family, duplexes and semi-detached housing designed as infill projects are often the domain of smaller firms and developers. It can be a challenge to realize economies of scale for labour and material, often the focus of larger developments. Infill provides the opportunity for the home owner, small builder and developer to build housing stock that emphasizes good design and architecture, quality construction and energy efficiency.

Properly designed and integrated, infill can have a positive outcome for the new members of the community and the current residents. Increased density in neighbourhoods can result in the development of appropriate retail and services, increase in property values and new families assist in the retention of schools in older neighbourhoods. Shorter commute times or access to mass transit are also desirable reasons to invest and live closer to the core.

Battle Lake Design Group has pioneered energy-efficient semi-detached and row housing infill projects in Edmonton over the last few years. Our award-winning Mill Creek Flexhomes triplex is an example of how to successfully integrate green technologies like straw bale into an existing urban setting. Good design and planning go a long way to ensuring that these projects will be successful additions to any community.

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  • Aaron Langvand

    July 28, 2014at8:35 pm

    Would be interested in seeing your straw bales designs and how construction costs compare to
    conventual style homes.
    (Also investigating shipping container homes.)

    Thank you.

  • daniel campbell

    September 16, 2014at8:16 pm

    I am considering building a duplex. and rent out the other side I am trying to see if this would be viable for my family and I. Our lot is 150 by 50.

    Dan at dajcampbell2002@yahoo.ca

  • Linda Mah

    May 27, 2016at5:49 am

    I am interested in a consultation regarding the building of a garage suite in our backyard.

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