Stock Plans

We are pleased to offer a variety of stock plans, including pre-engineered straw bale stock plans. Whether you’re just looking to build a small garage, or a house in the city or country, we offer a selection of well-designed homes with complete construction drawings. Our plans are engineered for both Alberta and B.C.

Why Straw bale?

We have worked to develop easy-to-build straw bale system for the challenges of the Western Canadian climate. Straw bale is a low embodied energy, local product and has a high insulation factor (R-value) with superior fire and sound suppression.

Our integrated design approach ensures each plan contains the details you need to build right away.

We have worked with Habib John Gonzalez of Sustainable Works and Arda Ozum of Acius Structural Engineering since 2004 to develop improved, updated techniques for straw bale building design that utilize off-the-shelf building materials.

Stock plans are in development. Please contact us for further information

Double-car Garage Straw Bale Plan (inquire)
Single-car Garage with Suite  Plan (straw bale) – inquire
Double-car Garage with Suite Plan (frame) – inquire
Double-car Garage with Suite Plan (straw bale) – inquire

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