Westmount ‘Tiny Home’ Pushes Boundary for Garage Suites (Updated Nov/17)

November 2017 Update

Construction is now complete! View more construction and completed photos of the project.

Also, check out the feature on this garden suite in the August 2017 issue of Avenue Edmonton Magazine, ‘Back Streets Back‘!

A small laneway home is currently under construction in Westmount that pushes the boundaries of what a garage suite can be in Edmonton. Designed for a client as an ‘age-in-place’ and ‘forever home’, this 520 square foot at-grade suite sits at ground level attached to a two car garage and features pre-fabricated structural insulated panels (SIPs) that create a volume of space to help make the home feel larger than it is. A post-and-beam sleeping loft is tucked over the future kitchen, space over the bathroom area will be used as storage. No space goes unloved.




Generous windowing and vaulted ceilings combine for a space that already feels cozy yet spacious.




Being small does not mean the space can not be functional. A generous post-and-beam roof will shelter the main entry, which in itself offers enough space to welcome guests. A small laundry room and closet it situated just off the main living space. Built-in pantry, linen and shelving throughout will offer the functionality needed to make a ‘tiny home’ work.



Energy efficiency was top of mind when designing the home. Radiant heating in the concrete slab was installed throughout the garage and garage suite. Walls and roof made of SIPs by Enersmart Building Systems provide a tight building envelope and are built on a four foot insulated concrete form (ICF) frost wall and grade beam. Duxton Windows and Doors provided by Shield Contracting feature non-thermal bridging fibreglass frames and triple pane, low-e glass.



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