New Cabin Rises Out Of The Ashes

An 880 square foot cabin is being built on the existing site of a well-loved historic log cabin which was lost to fire. While the new cabin design is more aesthetically modern and takes advantage of more efficient building materials, the size is not much more than what it replaces. The main floor is a mere 660 sq. ft. with an extra 320 square foot loft which acts as the master bedroom.




Energy efficiency was top of mind when designing the cabin. Radiant heating in the concrete slab was installed throughout the cabin, breezeway and garage. Walls and roof made of SIPs by Enersmart Building Systems provide a tight building envelope and are built on a four foot insulated concrete form (ICF) frost wall and grade beam. Duxton Windows and Doors provided by Shield Contracting feature non-thermal bridging fibreglass frames and triple pane, low-e glass which face south for passive solar.

Generous roof overhangs shade the building in the summer while protecting outdoor decks from prevailing weather.


Fir tongue-and-groove floor for the loft creates an interesting ceiling from the kitchen and dining rooms.


The design includes some locally-sourced wood products and features some exposed spruce, pine and fir columns, beams and flooring.



Update January 2017 – Warm winter weather has allowed our carpenters to continue work on the exterior of the building including the installation of cedar tongue-and-groove soffit and cedar siding. We look forward to seeing the project into completion Spring 2017!

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