About Us

Battle Lake Design Group is a full-service design firm specializing in design and development of sustainable custom residential homes, garden suites, interiors and small-scale commercial and mixed-use buildings including net-zero and passive house buildings.

We design for a wide range of proven sustainable materials, but are known in Western Canada for our expertise in straw bale building design and construction. We design energy-efficient buildings for both rural and urban clients using the latest proven building systems and materials.

We are passionate about contemporary residential architecture, sustainable material & building practices, vernacular design, creating a sense of place, housing designed for our cold climate, and homes that inhabit their site. We have taken straw bale – a grassroots technology and primarily the domain of owner-builders – and ‘modernized’ its application, placing it in an urban context.

For almost 20 years Battle Lake Design Group has been involved in the latest trends in development including urban infill homes, garage and garden suites, ‘missing middle’ rowhousing and apartments, cabins, tiny homes and more — learn more about our services.

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